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Dec. 13th, 2009

Countdown 09-10 and Tsubasa concerts in Osaka

Fxxx! I missed the ticket for the countdown concert 09-10!!!
After KinKi Kids concerts, what should I do in Tokyo??? Really shit!

OK, talking about other happy things.
Finally it's confirmed that I'll go to ALL Tsubasa shows in Osaka from 22nd to 25th. I didn't have 23rd noon ticket, but now I have!
I can't wait that week.

Nov. 25th, 2009

P con 11/23

Where do you come from, my lucky?

Okay, I like YamaPi much, so I got the ticket for his concert. After all, that ticket meant the way to Tatsumi!!! OMG.

Who could imagine MAD1 appeared at Pi con?
When I heard this news, I was nearly died. I wanted to go to that concert to see YamaPi only, but then it was impossible to do so. IMPOSSIBLE.

Unfortunately, Tatsumnix didn't pay attention to me much, just twice. Yeah, I think it's still good enough. Yes.

Nov. 21st, 2009

Yes, I've got it!

I've got Tsubasa concert in Osaka tickets!!!!

Fially, finally the concert office tells us how it goes. I'm relieved.

Oooops, do I have to make "Appealing glove" for Tatsumi!?(see the entry below this)

Nov. 19th, 2009

I lost my memory

When I went to concerts, I always lost my memory.
Okay, it was wonderful, special and .... no words to describe. Maybe, it's toooooooooo exciting to forget everything easily. That's why I'm a poor Tatsumi Yudai fan who can't keep remembering what he did well.
Again, it was tooooo exciting...Tsubasa LIVE "D&R an extension" at Nagoya Zepp on 17/11/2009.

Although the weather was so bad(rainy, chilly, and windy!), that was the other special day for me in 2009.
The very first SP day is the 26th April: I watched Takizawa Enbujou on that day. The seat I got was so close to Tatsumi.
The second is definitely the 31st of Aug. It was the first time I got *the blow-a-kiss* and other performance from Tatsumi again and again!
I remember those 2 days very well, because what I should have done is to keep watching Tatsumi only. I didn't mind a lot if I didn't see any other, as long as my eyes chased him.

And then, 17th Nov.
I was just in front of the corner of the stage that Tsubasa and M.A.D. performed.
How lucky I am!!!! (> ▼ <)
It's uncountable how many times they waved their hands, nodded, and smiled to us.

Just one thing, I should add notes in English: I don't know why I think like that, but....Kosshi looked very very very noble and handsome this time. I murmured "Kosshi, Kirei." :p
Fuku-chan keep his nice proportion and funny, Matsuzaki-kun cut his hair and looked cooler than before!!
Tatsumi-kun? How cute he is! oh, but he was very cool at one moment when he bobbed down during MC. Hm, I want him to take care of his skin more. Please, Tattsu-!

Next time...if i can get the ticket for Osaka live, I'll make a special gloves which can appeal the name of whom I'm fan. As Tsubasa said, "What a bright idea!!(put the name on gloves) it's suitable for the concert!"
I don't think he likes having Uchiwa to appeal much especially during that kind of concert.

I should be back to work. sigh.
I hate such a hectic life!!

Nov. 14th, 2009

Go to "TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★"

We still don't know whether we can go to the Tsubasa Live in Osaka.....We're really really really irritated by the concert office.


year, I finally decided to go to Nagoya Live, It's so hard to organize schedule though.

YES! The number put on the ticket promises me that I'll be able to watch Tsubasa and MAD1 at a quite good space.

I hope I can get Osaka ones too.
It means that Tatsumi appears my last JE Live in 2009. :P
Otherwise, the last JE talent who I see in 2009 is YamaPi.

Oct. 21st, 2009

Prpmote my Japanese Weblog.

If you understand Japanese, I'm glad to see you on my Japanese weblog. I drop my opinion to it(http://ahornzucker.blog97.fc2.com/)

Maybe, it's boring...coz I won't upload any pics or videos on my blogs. HOWEVER, as long as I'm a Japanese and a FC member of some JE Fan clubs, I should treat JE things carefully. Otherwise, I might be refused by Jimusho.
It's so terrifying!!

Hm....I wonder how many LJ members *KNOW* M.A.D., and then how many members are interested in them.
I'm bad at surfing weblog, and even worse at being friends(I always hasitate to say hello! on the internet) though, I haven't found M.A.D. community or something yet.


Aug. 18th, 2009

Koichi's Solo

I can't wait for that concert in Osaka!!

I, finally, can watch Tatsumi Yudai who I haven't see him since this April(except on TV or magazine).
I always imagine how MAD1 perform at the Koichi concert. It seems worth to seeing, according to 2ch or so.
Besides, the ticket I got is, very , very, very absolutely, special. I'm looking forward to feeling like that "HOW CLOSE!!!!"

Aug. 9th, 2009

A.B.C-Z ......orz

Although I'm a quite new fangirl of A.B.C-Z(Yes, not A.B.C. but A.B.C-Z, I've liked A.B.C since Tatsumi was in it thuogh), that news made me a little bit sad, rather say, confused.

How does the Jimusho want to deal with A.B.C-Z?

What I'm afraid of is that Hasshi leaves from his happy group, and join into the other new.
I know that a lot of A.B.C担 hate that Hasshi was added to A.B.C.. However, in my opinion, he's definetely needed to promote A.B.C(-Z) and be more popular. (Of course, Hasshi needs to be trained more and more.)

....I don't understand myself. Why do I always like the JE guys who are not so much popular? (NEWS, Tegomass, T&T, Tsubasa, M.A.D, A.B.C-Z)

Jan. 15th, 2009

NEWS DIAMOND PARTY in Osaka last (12/01/09)

I try to translate my report from Japanese into English somehow... but my English is not enough good to do it. it's pity.
anyway, I improve this entry day by day.
That was excellent!!!!! I regret that I forgot to bring a pen-light.


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Jan. 1st, 2009

Concerts I went to in 2009

#Tatsumi Yudai appearing in red.

2009/01/04 内博貴とロックな仲間たち
2009/01/10 NEWS Winter Party DIAMOND
2009/01/12 NEWS Winter Party DIAMOND
2009/03/11 TSUBASA IMAI★Tour'09 ☆Dance and Rock★
2009/03/13 TSUBASA IMAI★Tour'09 ☆Dance and Rock★
2009/04/05 TSUBASA IMAI★Tour'09 ☆Dance and Rock★
2009/04/14 滝沢演舞城'09 タッキー&Lucky Love 1部
2009/04/14 滝沢演舞城'09 タッキー&Lucky Love 2部
2009/04/26 滝沢演舞城'09 タッキー&Lucky Love 1部
2009/04/26 滝沢演舞城'09 タッキー&Lucky Love 2部

2009/07/18 滝様 CONCERT'09
2009/07/22 テゴマス1stライブ テゴマスのうた♪ 1部
2009/07/22 テゴマス1stライブ テゴマスのうた♪ 2部
2009/08/11 テゴマス1stライブ テゴマスのうた♪ 2部
2009/08/20 テゴマス1stライブ テゴマスのうた♪ 3部
2009/08/28 KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music 1部
2009/08/28 KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music 2部
2009/08/29 KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music
2009/08/30 KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music 2部
2009/08/31 KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music 1部
2009/08/31 KOICHI DOMOTO CONCERT TOUR 2009 Best Performance And Music 2部

2009/09/06 DREAM BOYS 2部
2009/10/15 DREAM BOYS
2009/11/17 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★
2009/11/22 雨の日の森の中 1部
2009/11/22 雨の日の森の中 2部
2009/11/23 TOMOHISA YAMASHITA First Solo SHORT BUT SWEET ~ 短いけれどいい時間を ~ 1部
2009/11/26 雨の日の森の中
2009/11/27 雨の日の森の中
2009/11/28 雨の日の森の中 2部
2009/12/22 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★
2009/12/23 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★ 1部
2009/12/23 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★ 2部
2009/12/24 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★
2009/12/25 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★
2009/12/30 TSUBASA IMAI LHT ☆D&R ~ an extension★

2009/12/31 KinKi Kids CONCERT TOUR J 2009-2010
2009/12/31 Johnny's Countdown Concert 2009-2010

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