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As you know, the big earthquake hit Japan on 11.03.2011.
I'm fine in Osaka( Kansai area).

*Kansai Johnny's Jr. concert - cancelled(or postponed)
*Endless SHOCK - caneclled

I hope everything goes well, and people in Tohoku area are SURVIVE and FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!


*Hugs tight* Dear!! I was so worried! I was about to call you last night but after getting message from my friend whom I called first, saying that Osaka-Kobe is fine I was so relieved and thought of calling you today dear... Thanks God you're fine!! *Hugs hugs* Please take care!
I hope your family, relatives and friends and everyone are fine!!
I heard that Maachin seemed trauma? nervous? but ES members are fine ne?
Do you know anything about the rest of M.A.D members?


There is still nothing I can do expect I try to use less electricity.....

As for M.A.D. members and its concerns, I heard Tatsumi was Okay. This means all of his friends, including other M.A.D. members, A.B.C-Z(especially Fumito Kawai) are fine. I also heard Yamamoto Ryota(They Budo) is fine.
It seems almost of all Johnny's talents are fine.

BTW, Eru chan, are you okay in *Egypt*???? Haven't you faced any horrible situation?

Re: Fine!

Good to know that. I hope around Osaka & Kobe won't be affected since I heard something like warning of Tsunami around Hiroshima and something occured in Nagano?

Thanks for asking, there was not really a big matter around my area but Malaysian government had evacuated all Malaysian students in Egypt so I've been home for about one month now, going back to Egypt next week though...

March 2011

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