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Hey Hey I can't see our future days♪(RtPZ)

After PZ shows, I'm badly impatient to see Yukkun more.
Okay, My favorite JE talent is Yudai Tatsumi. I'm sure, sure yes. I like Yudai much because of his acting and dancing, rather than his appearance. On the other hand, as for Yukihiro, his face is definitely my type. Long long time ago.. when I was a child, I like Akkun(Atsuhiro Sato from Hikaru Genji) much, as long as I remember. I didn't notice that Yukkun is resemble to Akkun(oh, even has a similar name!).
Unfortunately, I've missed so much chance to watch Yukihiro, and to get a lot of his pics. Damn, I should have noticed him much earlier!!! If so, I could have had chance to watch Yudai and Yukkun at the same time, for example at Tsubasa solo concerts.

Don't be afraid to give me any Yukihiro pics, especially 2006-2009. LOL


lol Micco... XD ROFL You're seriously lovesick with Yukki ne XD
Let see if I get time, I'll spam you with Yukki's pics maybe? (Not much though)
I can't believe in myself, actually. I have to move my emotion to Yudai unitl 25/9!!!!
Oh, okay, gimme some more Yukkun, Yes!
lol You can keep loving both, can't you? Or, you mean, your feelings towards Tacchumingu are fading away? XD

Hey! WAIT! Are you going to Okinawa?!
Ops! I mess up the dates lol 9/25 is in Osaka ne? Otanoshimi ne~
It doesn't mean Tatsumi is gone from my mind!!
Something like...Yukihiro occupied a half of my mind just now.

Yes, I'm gonna go to Osaka concerts and Kobe!

March 2011

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