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Vanishing away...

Heeeeeeeeey, I was  sooooooooooooooooo far away from LJ things.

First, I was tooooo much busy in whole of July and the beg of Aug. I had never checked LJ pages.
I have a little time at the moment, but it's time to go to PLAYZONE2010 in Osaka.
As I said it was very hectic in July that I could watch Endless SHOCK only twice(even it's the show which Tatsumi kun appears!). Instead of that, I go to PZ2010 once in Tokyo, and 5 times in Osaka. it's crazy, I know.

Anyway, Yukkunn, you're so cool. As long as I could see Tatsumi again, I keep watching you!
(I hope I can see Tatsumi at Koichi-solo concert in Sep.)


Micco!! *Hugs*
As I thought lol You also hardly update your blog, you must be very busy ne...

Eh? Twice only? I thought you said you have 6 tickets to SHOCK?

Yukkunn? Yukihiro? What with him? @____________@

Hey! Hey! Err... lol Can I ask you for help again? lol I want PZ shirt. XD

Will mail you later! Take care ne dear~


Yeah, I had 6 tickets of SHOCK, but I couldn't go there. I gave those tickets to my friends. It is the REAL SHOCK, isn't it?

At PZ2010, Yukihiro is so hot! all of my friends say he's very handsome and cool. I'm proud of that he belongs to M.A.D.

Okay, I'll buy PZ T-Shirts. Then I'll prepare to send stuff for you.(PLZ mail me the detail to do so!)

Re: Sure!

Oh? That's really the REAL SHOCK lol It must be very sad and hard and horrible ne...

Kyaaa~ Yukihiro~ lol But he doesn't really look good/ well in most of pics that I saw... Glad that he's doing good on stage~ ^-^ I'm proud that all M.A.D. are in M.A.D. too lol (Including T.J., Ikki and Waragai san ne...)

I've sent you mail~ Arigatou ne!

About Yukihiro

Hey, you have to see him directly now! LOL
(actually, I said "what a horrible hair-style, Yukkun!! at the Kabuki time...hehe)
I already told you many of my friends like him so much after PZ2010.

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